The Real Impact of Auto Hail Damage!

June 23, 2022

Regular maintenance and auto repairs are all part of keeping your car running safely. But we don't often consider what to do in the event of damage from mother nature, like a hailstorm.

Australian hailstorms are unpredictable and have a huge impact on vehicles, storms often leave car owners with large repair bills.

Cost of Hail Damage Repair

One of Sydney's most costly hailstorms was an intense supercell thunderstorm on the 14th of April 1999. Giant hail fell in a band 25km long by 3km wide. With a damage bill in the vicinity of $2,200,000,000.

That hail storm was the most costly thunderstorm ever to strike Sydney.

When auto hail damage does occur, hail damage can range from small dimpled dents across top surfaces. To large severe exterior impacts.

Auto hail damage can be expensive to fix but failing to repair hail damage can mean your car is weakened. Leading to further from another hailstorm, accidents or other major car dents.

The best and most effective repair method for hail damage is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). For Sydney car hail damage repair you will be in the skilled hands of Sydney PDR technicians at Action PDR. Our trained PDR tech's massage and push each dent until the metal exterior is back to it's original shape.

Your hail damage repair cost Sydney will always be best assessed in person at our service centre in Sefton.

The Real Impact of Auto Hail Damage!

Hail Damage Reduces Your Resale Value!

Auto hail damage causes severe depreciation of your vehicle if left untreated. Traditional panel repairs will be more expensive and time consuming.

Your auto hail damage is repaired by scraping off the factory paint and applying filler into the dents and then applying new layers of paint.

Your vehicle will now be worth less. To maintain your resale value, paintless dent removal will be the far superior repair method.

PDR Sydney is cost effective, fast and a non-invasive method for the removal of auto hail damage.

So when searching for hail damage repair cost Sydney you know who to call! 

Sydney Hailstorm

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