Can you quote me if I send photos?

Certainly, if the photos are of good quality and multiple angles.

Is it easier if I come to you?

It is always easier for the tradesman to work in a setting he is familiar with but we do offer Sydney mobile dent repairs for your convenience. At Action PDR our Sydney mobile dent repair service can be done onsite at your home, office or garage. Our onsite repair service is designed for small damage that is superficial with minimal removal and installation of parts. Our mobile dent removal service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the size and extent of the damage, we charge a call-out fee for all mobile dent removal services. Depending on the size of the dents to be repaired it may be necessary to leave the car at our Blacktown location.

Can you repair a dent with the paint cracked, flaking or rusted exposed metal?

There is limitation to the repair method if the paint is cracked or coming off completely. The best way to see if your damage is repairable is to get a quote from our qualified technicians.

How does the process usually work?

Once contacted, the vehicles damage and the access points will be inspected. Accessing the damage with tools may require the removal of trimming, lights or moulds to complete the work.

This is all taken into account when quoting and will then be discussed with the customer in a transparent and understanding way.
Upon discussing the quote and other specifics of the job, your car will be booked in at the next available time slot and completed as discussed.

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