What Sized Dents Can Be Fixed With PDR?

July 5, 2022

A dent on any car can ruin its appearance, not to mention if they aren't removed it can increase in size. This later reduces the resale value of the vehicle.

Get a quick dent repair service in Sydney today!

Finding a dent repair service in Sydney as soon as the car dent is found can prevent further damage and get the car back to its original shape.

There are two things to consider when quantifying whether Paintless Dent Removal Sydney is suitable as a car dent repair option.

  1. The position of the car dent to be repaired
  2. The severity of the car dent

With the advancements of tools and techniques, it is now easier to determine whether a car dent can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair. By sending a few photos we can assess the damage and produce an accurate quote.

What Sized Dents Can Be Fixed With PDR?

Action PDR technicians specialise in all car dents, from small dents to large dents.

This is where false confidence can lead to tragic DIY repairs. Releasing a large car dent may look repaired to the naked eye but to a trained Sydney PDR tech it has created more work.

This is where extensive training and practise moving metal comes into play.

What surprises most people is that no two dents are ever the same. A 3 cm dent on the bonnet of a car compared to a 3cm dent on the roof of a car might look the same but they will be completely different to repair.

With guaranteed peace of mind our dent repair service will have your car back on the road, dent free.

We’re always ready to provide you with the best paintless dent removal in sydney for your needs.

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